I believe that every couple should have a wedding album, and that it should be your first heirloom. An album that will hold the most precious pictures of when it all began. An album that will be pulled out each anniversary as a remembrance of the day that you thought you couldn’t love each other more than you do now. An album that will be looked over when you’ve had a fight and you need a reminder of the reason that you committed your lives to each other. An album that will stand the time of your marriage, and will be passed down to your children and grandchildren, as a reminder of the strong marriages that they have to look up to.

I searched long and hard for an album company that represents this brand well. I wanted each album to feel like, to look like, to be an heirloom. I wanted to offer our brides linen fabric covers, along with the option for leather. I wanted each album to be personalized, with cameo pictures or debossing on the front, with different options for sizing and fonts. And I am so happy to say I have found all of that in more!

My brand is based on simplicity, legacy, and quality. I want our brides to feel that when they read our blog, see their images, and feel the products that we offer. You’ll see simply by looking at these photos how these albums speak of each! Simplicity in form and design; legacy in their personalization, texture, and feel; quality in their color, binding, and durable pages. I design each album in studio, giving my clients full control to say which images are included inside and the design of the outside cover.

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